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Director Profile

Mr Chaturbhuj Kharel is a successful business entrepreneur. He is the founder and Director of Honest Team Private Limited in Sydney, Australia. With over 5 years of experience in Education and Finance sector, he has excellent leadership qualities.

Mr Chaturbhuj Kharel achieved a master’s degree in Science from a university in Nepal. He was a lecturer in Amrit Science College until he came to Australia in 2006. From the University of Ballarat, he obtained a second master’s degree in Accounting in 2009 and since then he has been working as an accountant and Credit Representative ( Mortgage Broker)  in various companies. Presently he is working as a BLSSA credit representative in Honest Team. 

Having been a president of an NGO in Nepal, secretary in a local body he is a passion for community service is praiseworthy. Mr Kharel, recently, works for NRN (a group of non - residential Nepalese) and NKSSP Australia. Such generosity and precision in work area have gained his reputation both in Nepal and overseas.